5 Steps to Better Communication

The ability to communicate is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. His gift of language is one that we often take for granted, but it plays an extremely important role in our lives. The Bible says that when God created the world He spoke it into existence. His words created our world. Our words may not have the same effect that His words have, but our words are still quite powerful. When a patient has surgery the role of communication between the surgeon(s), the nurses, and the others in the operating room can be life and death. It is essential in business transactions and in learning. The power of the Internet is that it provides a way for people around the world to communicate with one another. Our ability to communicate can cause positive outcomes, but the words we use can also be quite destructive. Our words matter, so we should want to use them well. God provides very helpful steps to improving our communication in the book of Proverbs. The sermon’s title is “5 Steps to Better Communication.” Let me encourage you to invite someone who might find this helpful.

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