Bible Friendz are children who are 3 – 5yrs. by September 1st and include Kindergarten. Preschool children are capable of learning many things about God, His world, and how they should relate to others at this time in their lives. Wayside provides a variety of programs to facilitate this experience including:

Kidz Bible Groupz–Meet Sunday mornings at 9:00am and at 11:30am. Even our smallest children are taught about the Bible through activities and the care they receive.

Kidz Worship Jr.— This is a younger version of Kidz Worship that includes the same multi-media effects, games, worship, and small group time and meets at 10:15am, but for 3K, 4K, and Kinder.

Location: Easiest entrance is to come in through the PRESCHOOL entrance on the Northwest end of the building. The preschool children’s programs are located on the 1st floor of the south hallway. You will know when you are in the “Kidz Bible Zone” by the big sign in our courtyard.
If you have specific questions about our children’s ministry schedule please e-mail our Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministries, Leigh Byers.

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